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    Đề thi Ê HK2

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    TEST 10

    Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others: (1pt)
    1. A. dozen B. once C. sometimes D. box
    2. A. wears B. skips C. likes D. wants
    3. A. capital B. camp C. fall D. basketball
    4. A. cabbages B. tomatoes C. beaches D. classes

    II. Choose the correct words (2pts)
    1. How often do you go swimming in the summer? – ________________.
    A. Yes, I do B. I like it C. I play soccer D. I sometimes do
    2. He is going to stay _________ his friend’s house in Hue.
    A. at B. in C. for D. with
    3. My brother _________ late for class.
    A. never is B. is never C. never goes D. doesn’t
    4. Meat is my favorite _________.
    A. drink B. fruit C. food D. juice
    5. __________ going to the beach on Sunday morning? – Good idea.
    A. Let’s B. What about C. Why don’t we D. Are
    6. Mexico Cityis the __________ city in the world.
    A. biger B. bigger C. bigest D. biggest
    7. My sister wants a ________ of milk.
    A. dozen B. bottle C. bar D. can
    8. They are playing ___________ with their friends.
    A. aerobics B. tennis C. a picnic D. fishing

    III. Supply the correct verb form (1pt)
    1. The students ______________ the part next summer. (visit)
    2. She likes ___________ in the park. (jog)
    3. Lan often ____________ swimming on Sundays. (go)
    4. How many bananas _________ there in the fridge? (be)

    IV. Read the following passage carefully, then answer True or False (1pt)
    Tuan and his friends sometimes go to the zoo. They go about three times a year. They often go to the park. They go about twice a week. They sometimes have a picnic. They usually play sports such soccer, badminton. They never go camping because they don’t have a tent. They always walk to school and they are never late.
    1. They go to the zoo about twice a week. __________
    2. They usually have a picnic. __________
    3. They always go camping. __________
    4. They are never late for class. __________
    V. Decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each blank in the passage. (2 pts)
    I’m Lien. I live (1) ……. my parents in Ha Noi. (2) …………. morning, I get up at 6.20 and have breakfast (3)……………. 6.30. I often eat bread and (4)………….. a glass of milk. Then I (5)………… to school. At 12.00, I have a big lunch with rice, fish or meat and vegetables. I often have chicken and vegetables (6)…………. dinner. (7)……….. Sunday evenings, I sometimes go to a (8)……………. for dinner with my family.
    1. A. on B. at C. for D. with
    2. A. On B.Every C.In D. At
    3. A. every B. on C. at D. in
    4. A. has B. drink C. am going to drink D. drinks
    5. A. am walk B. walking C. walk D. goes
    6. A. at B. on C. for D. with
    7. A. On B.Every C.In D. At
    8. A. hospital B. small restaurant C. restaurant small D. school

    VI. Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting (0.5pt)
    1. She would likessome orange juice.
    A B C D
    2. How muchbottles of milk do you need?
    A B C D
    VII. Give the correct word form. (1 pt)
    1. Are there any _________ in the kitchen? (vegetable)
    2. My sister feels hot and she’d like some ________ tea. (ice)
    3. Would you like to go _________? (fish)
    4. Who does he ________ go with? (usual)

    VIII. Rewrite these sentences without changing the meaning (
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