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    ĐỀ SỐ1
    I. Hoàn thành các câu so sánh sau:
    1. so sánh ngang bằng.
    a. Mary/tall/her brother?
    b. A lemon/not sweet/ an orange.
    c. A donkey/not big/ a horse.
    d. this dress/pretty/that one?
    e. the weather/not cold/ yesterday.
    2. so sánh hơn:
    a. A rose/beautiful/ a weed.
    b. A dog/intelligent/ a chicken.
    c. Ba/ friendly/ Nam?
    d .Your house/far/from school /my house.
    e. A horse/ strong/ a person?
    II. Rewrite these sentences, keeping the original meaning:
    My house is bigger than your house. →Your house is. .....................
    The black car is cheaper than the red car. →The red car_____________
    This film is more interesting than that one. →That film is_____________
    My kitchen is smaller than yours. → Your kitchen________________
    My grandmother is older than every one in my family.
    → My grandmother is the________
    No one in my class is as tall as Tam. → Tam is the____________________
    I can’t cook as well as my mother. → My mother can cook____________
    He does not play tennis as well as Jack. → Jack can___________________
    I did not spend as much money as you. → You spent___________________
    I don’t think this book is expensive as it is. → This book is____________
    He is the tallest boy in his class. → No one in_______________
    This is the most interesting film of all. → No other films are_____________
    No cars in the world are more expensive than Japanese ones.
    →Japanese cars _________________________________
    This exercise is easier than that one. → That exercise is not_________
    He drives more carefully than Jack does. → Jack_____________
    No one in the group plays better than he. → He can___________________
    No hotel in the city is as comfortable as this.→ This hotel is the _______
    Other oceans in the world aren’t as large as the Pacific one.
    → The Pacific Ocean is ______
    III.Điền các từ để hỏi thích hợp vào các câu sau.
    __________ is your family name?
    __________ old are you?
    __________ do you live with?
    __________ is it from your house to school?
    __________ do you go to school every day? By bike
    __________ are you late? Because I miss the bus.

    IV. Put the verb in the bracket into the simple present tense.
    1.     I (be) ________ at school at the weekend.
    2.     She (not study) ________ on Friday.
    3.     My students (be not) ________ hard working.
    4.     He (have) ________ a new haircut today.
    5.     I usually (have) ________ breakfast at 7.00.
    6.     She (live) ________ in a house?
    7.     Where your children (be) ________?
    8.     My sister (work) ________ in a bank.
    9.     Dog (like) ________ meat.
    10. She (live)________ in Florida.
    11. It (rain)________ almost every day in Manchester.
    12. We (fly)________ to Spain every summer.
    13. My mother (fry)________ eggs for breakfast every morning.
    14. The bank (close)________ at four o`clock.
    15. John (try)_______ hard in class, but I (not think) _______ he`ll pass.
    16. Jo is so smart that she (pass)______ every exam without even trying.
    17. My life (be) so boring. I just (watch)________ TV every night.
    18. My best friend (write)________ to me every week.
    19. You (speak) ________ English?
    20. She (not live) ________ in HaiPhong city
    V.Cho dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc.
    The children (like) ___________ to play in the park.
    she (not live) ____________ with her parents.
    Lan (brush)___________ her teeth after meals.
    The students (not go) _____________ to school on Sunday.
    Nga (talk) ___________ to her friends now.
    What _______ you ________ (do) at the moment.
    They (not watch) _______________ TV now.
    VI.Hãy xắp xếp những từ sau đây thành câu có nghĩa.
    1. House / is/ the market / far / to / from / how / it / Trang’s ?
    2. lives / street /grandparents / he / Hoang Quoc Viet / his/ on / with .
    3. many /old / students / my / have / doesn’t / class .
    4. Mrs
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